Ultimate Sous Vide Brisket Guide

The Ultimate Sous Vide Brisket Guide

sous vide brisket

How To Properly Prepare Sous Vide Brisket

Having the perfect brisket at a summer cookout or even for a family night in during the winter is always welcomed. Brisket is a comfort food that families love to share. With a variety of side dishes that complement brisket well, this is a versatile meat to serve on any occasion.

Cooking brisket is always a long process, but to make the perfect brisket, using the sous vide method is a sure-fire way to make a properly cooked brisket without the chances of it drying out. Serving a moist brisket to a party or to your family is something that they will continue to crave while thinking of all of the hard work that must have gone into fixing it. No one needs to know that you did not tend to this meat for hours upon end.

Getting Set Up

To properly prepare your sous vide brisket, you will need a large pot, an immersion circulator, and high-quality brisket. You will also need food-grade bags to cook the meat in and a clamp of some sort to clamp the bag to the edge of the pot. These things are the base of making a properly and evenly cooked dinner for your family.

First, take your uncooked brisket and trim off the fat. Typically, you can cook brisket with the fat on because it adds moisture to the meat, but when you are cooking it sous vide, the brisket will come out moist without the fat, so you do not need to leave it on there.

Brisket Cooking Time

Bring your water bath up to 155*F. If you want your sous vide brisket to have a smokey flavor, after trimming the fat, brush it with a mixture of cane syrup and liquid smoke. You can then put the meat in a food grade bag and slowly lower it into your prepared pot, creating a vacuum effect in the bag. The absence of air in the bag while the meat is cooking will ensure a final product that is evenly cooked.

You can leave the brisket unattended in the water bath for at least 24 hours at this point to get it fully cooked. After at least 24 hours, you can remove the meat from the water bath and take it out of the food grade bag. If you want to add a smokier flavor to it, you can brush it again with your cane syrup and liquid smoke mixture.

Finishing Touch

Then, sprinkle a mix of salt, pepper, brown sugar, cayenne, garlic powder, and onion powder onto the meat. If you want the meat to have a nice crust on it, put it in the oven at 275*F for one hour. If you prefer your meat without a crust, it is ready to serve after seasoning.